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Olympic Weightlifting (Fundamental Sessions)

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£ 150 /5 Days

Olympic Weightlifting (Fundamental)

Olympic Weightlifting has become more popular in the last few years since Cross Fit has come onto the scene.  Olympic Weightlifting is a sport that most athletes start between ages 10-15, however, the popularity and benefits of lifting has increased many people starting at a much later stage through Cross Fit.

Our fundamental classes are half price compared to most out there and also offers the benefit of being 1 to 1 rather than a class of many.

Learn from a professional champion with over many years of training experience and competition wins. Our absolute highest priority is making sure you learn and execute all movements safely and efficiently. 

Learn how to clean & jerk
Learn how to snatch
Weightlifting mechanics
Supporting exercise for each lift
Learn how to dump the weights
Keeping safe during each movement
Technique focus
Power and efficiency


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    Coniston Road Bromley,
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