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Strength 1 to1 Personal Training

£ 30 /session

Strength Training (Personal 1 to 1)

Working with a Strength Trainer can be just what you need to hit new levels. We will create a specific programme to suit your body, level of fitness, strength goals and experience.

We will keep record of improvement at regular intervals. This is a good way to track your progress and adapt your program as you progress.

If you’re inexperienced with certain strength exercises, having the expertise on hand will help to ensure your safety. We recommend our 5 day fundamental course to start with.  You’ll learn correct techniques and be introduced to new exercises that you might have been nervous about doing.

Strength training includes a lot of compound movements, like Power Cleans, Snatch, Deadlifting and Back Squats.

Reduce Belly Fat
Stronger Heart
Balanced Blood Sugar
Reduce Risk of Injury
Better Mental Health
Good for Your Muscles and Bones
Improved Dexterity and Flexibility
Preventing and Reducing Osteoporosis


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