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Olympic Weightlifting (Fundamental Sessions)

£ 150 /5 Days Olympic Weightlifting (Fundamental) Olympic Weightlifting has become more popular in the last few years since Cross Fit has come onto the scene.  Olympic Weightlifting is a sport that most athletes start between ages 10-15, however, the popularity and benefits of lifting has increased many people starting at a much later stage […]
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Strength 1 to1 Personal Training

£ 30 /session Strength Training (Personal 1 to 1) Working with a Strength Trainer can be just what you need to hit new levels. We will create a specific programme to suit your body, level of fitness, strength goals and experience. We will keep record of improvement at regular intervals. This is a good way […]
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Training Partner Sessions

£ 20 /session Training Partner Sessions Many of us find it hard to stay motivated and keep on track with our training plan. We know we need to, but it’s hard to hold yourself accountable. Training partners make great alarm clocks and workouts can be more fun. This is one of our popular sessions and […]
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